Window Frame Louvers

Window frame type Louvers extruded aluminium or colour coated metal louvers are commonly used for interior or exterior applications where high free area and low airflow resistance are required. The narrow depth makes this product ideal for installation into eaves and gable wall, windows and at opening required


Window frame type louvers are in colour-coated metal sheets. The louver will provide zero vision & achieve a 60% free open area. The louver will have Class C for rain defense and Class 1 for aerodynamics at velocities.


Installation and Mounting

  • Details and size will be designed in accordance with customer requirements
  • Pre-assembled finish product delivered
  • Can be installed directly at the required location
  • Simple and easy to install


  • Bird/Vermin Mesh
  • Galvanised
  • Galvanised powder-coated
  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic
  • Perforated metal

Insect Mesh

  • Aluminium
  • Fibreglass 
  • Stainless steel
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Window frame Louvers

Geometric Steels Industrial Louvers

Industrial louvers serve a critical need to allow airflow through openings in buildings while rejecting unwanted elements such as water and airborne debris. While the concept is simple, selecting the right product for the application is important to meeting performance needs for better airflow ventilation it’s important for industrial buildings should have fresh air inlet opening for better air change cycle and to help hot air exhaust. Louvers also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of buildings by creating sight-proof screens to increase privacy, hide equipment or enclose parking facilities, selecting the right product for the application is important to meeting performance needs. Regardless of the application, we GEOMETRIC STEELS are happy to help create a design that will meet your specific needs.

Installation and Mounting

  • Industrial louvers are assembled on-site and installed.
  • Supplied in multiple lengths of 5.00 meters as per required height.
  • Flexibility in customisation.
  • Design as per customer building utility.
  • Application PEB buildings, industrial foundry, Manufacturing plants, Commercial buildings, warehouses, and old existing factory buildings.

Geometric Steels Louvers Made Up Of

  • Aluminium ‐Zinc Alloy Steel Sheet
  • Colour Coated Aluminium‐Zinc Steel Sheet
  • Colour Coated Galvanized Steel Sheet

Available in various colours to give aesthetic look to the building.

Features And Advantages

  • Maintenance Free, Easy to install, and lightweight.
  • Long life and durable.
  • Free flow of air, restricting entry of water and dirt.
  • Give artistic look to the building.
  • Helps In Ventilation.
  • No Electricity Required.
  • No Moving Part No Noise.
Industrial Louvers
Industrial Louver
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