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Airflow Ridge vent is a unique ventilation product by Geometric Steels. Airflow Ridge vent ventilation system Installed at the peak and running the length of your roof. It has a low-profile design that helps it blend well with the roofing sheet so that it won’t be noticeable. Airflow Ridge vent is available in two options Hat Top Airflow Ridge vent and Monitor roof Airflow Ridge vent. It has no limitation of matching profile design, available in various colours and materials like Colour coated galvanized, Galvalume, and colour coated galvalume. Application in all industrial buildings, warehouses, commercial buildings, and Old Existing Sheds.

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The working is very simple hot air is less dense than cooler air and rises naturally. Inside a roof, the hottest air rises to the highest part of the roof space. The Airflow Ridgvent works by allowing this hot air to rise and escape through the ridge louvers plate, which is located at the highest part of the roof.

Airflow Ridgevent uses the exact same thermal principles as whirlybirds. As the roof space heats, hot air is draw towards the highest natural point and expels through the louver plate and down the pan creating a passive, natural, and continuous flow of air. When the wind blows over a roof it generates a slightly lower pressure on the top surface of the roof. This is called Bernoulli’s Principle, which in effect draws hot air out from the roof cavity of Airflow Ridgevent louvers plate and further enhances ventilation achieved.

Also, positive airflow across the ridge of the factory creates a negative pressure which pulls air out from the ridge vent and brings in fresh air from the intake opening below. Airflow Ridgevent allows hot air within the roof cavity to escape. Reduced air pressure forms as air flow over the roof, further aiding to draw air out from the roof ridge cavity.

Airflow Ridge vent

Hat Top Airflow Ridge vent

Supply of Hat type Air flow Ridgevent with two louvers exhaust plate parallel to roof slope with Hate type cavity Ridge of colour coated galvanize Hot-dip galvanized in CRCA steel.

Airflow ridge vent

Monitor Roof Airflow Ridge vent

Supply of Monitor type Air flow Ridgevent with two vertical assemble louvers exhaust plate of a perpendicular system to roof area with cavity Ridge of colour coated galvanize Hot-dip galvanized in CRCA steel.

Additional Benefits compare to conventional Rotational Turbo Ventilators

Need to counteract their inefficiencies with moving parts (Self Weight) that require wind to make them effective. These moving parts inevitably wear out. The rotational turbo ventilators perform efficiently only when their top is exactly parallel to the ground and in today’s market turbo ventilators available are maximum with fix conical FRP or polycarbonate base which doesn’t counter, slope variation of different slope design patterns. Airflow Ridgevent has no moving parts and is fixed on apex of the roof and thus will not ‘wear out. Volume is very low compared to turbo Ventilators hence transport cost low per unit.

Turbo Ventilator Maintenance Issue
Turbo Ventilator Maintenance Issue

Airflow Ridgvent has NO leakage issues due to like possibility in turbo ventilators failure or bad workmanship. Airflow Ridgvent there is NO puncturing or cutting in between the roof slope. Lubrication and high-quality materials are also important – depending on the climate, poor-quality turbines may rust or dry out, developing intolerable squeaks and groans.

Ventilation should never be an afterthought in constructing a factory building As Airflow ridgevent are best in case of planning solar panel installation in the future, Due to its ideal peak installation position. Your building needs to breathe without proper ventilation, needless heat and humidity can become serious problems, such as:

  • Surplus heat and moisture can cause attic and roof structures, plus shingles and paint to deteriorate prematurely
  • Excess heat causes air conditioners to work more, consuming more energy and costing you more money
  • Extra moisture can lower the R-value (R-value is heat resistance) of some insulation
  • Excess moisture and humidity enable mold, mildew, and steel corrosion
  • Proper ventilation is required to validate warranty coverage for most roofing systems and longer life of the structure.

“Ventilation should never be an afterthought in constructing a factory building, Your building needs to breathe”

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Unique ventilation product by Geometric Steels

Application in all industrial buildings,
warehouses, commercial buildings, and Old Existing Sheds.

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