APEX Type Airflow Ridgevent

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Apex Ridge Vent Design for Factories

Apex vent is assembled on-site. constructed roof vents are roofing parts which are custom-designed and placed directly on the roof's ridge in order to provide airflow for factories.

The process of creating frames that are manufactured in our factory and then installing them on-site vents on the ridge involves the material to meet the requirements of the roof's ridge. The ridge vent is put in place across the entire length of the roof ridge which allows the hot air to escape the factory's building space, as well as fresh air pass through the inlet or opening vent.

Apex-type Airflow Ridgevents are constructed on-site ridgevents with a number of advantages. Because they are made to fit precisely on the roof they offer a superior sealing and are less likely to leak.

ridge ventilation system

Apex Ridgevent is made up of two frame structures. It is easy to install and deliver. The main and secondary structures are welded in our factory. They are solid and steady. The main frame structure is welded with based steel on the ridgevent throat together. So that it could part of the roof. The sideboard adopts a pressed colour-coated profile sheet with edge flashing. The ridge can be used with colour coated metal sheets or translucent polycarbonate sheets the rainwater can flow onto the roof setting with a flow guide plate with leak-proof solution.

Apex Ridgevent is a ventilation system specifically designed for roofs. comprised of primary and secondary frame structures Its construction and installation process are designed for convenience. The main and secondary structures are welded together in our factory, ensuring their solidity and stability.

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The main frame structure is welded with a base steel component, forming a connection with the ridgevent throat. This integration allows the ridgevent to become a part of the roof structure itself. The ridgevent's sideboard is a color-coated pressed sheet of profile with edge flashing that increases its strength and appearance.

The Ridge in the Apex Ridgevent gives you an array of material options. It can be used with either colour-coated metal sheets or translucent polycarbonate sheets, depending on the specific requirements or preferences of the installation. This flexibility lets you choose different practical and aesthetic choices.

To ensure efficient drainage, the ridgevent is equipped with a flow guide plate that directs rainwater onto the roof surface. This design feature, combined with a leak-proof solution, helps prevent any water infiltration issues, providing a reliable and effective solution for managing rainwater runoff.

In the end, Apex Ridgevent is a easily-installed and well-constructed ventilation system which combines sturdy primary and secondary frame constructions and a variety of materials for the ridge, as well as effective rainwater management capabilities.

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Throat (T) W H D Purlin Distance(A)
900 2200 1130 1200 1000
1000 2445 1255 1300 1100
1200 2860 1500 1500 1300
1500 3665 1880 1800 1600
2000 4890 2510 2300 2100
2500 5950 3130 2800 2600
3000 7150 3765 3300 3100