User Instruction

User Instructions for Ridge Ventilators

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Foot Traffic

Standing or walking on Airflow Ridgevent™ is not recommended, as this could be unsafe and may cause superficial or visual damage to the vents.

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Ventilation through the Airflow Ridgevent™ Ridge Vent is passive, therefore performance will vary and will be highly dependent on building geometry, internal building use, and weather conditions. The cooling benefits of passive venting are universally recognised and airflows under a variety of conditions.

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Exhaust Performance

The performance of any ridge ventilator will depend on the throat size of the vent, the height of the structure to the top of the vent, the inlet height and the temperature variation between the inside and outside that of the structure.

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Handling / Storage

Onion-type Airflow Ridgevent™ components and assemblies should be handled with care at all times to preserve the product capabilities and quality of the finish. The packing materials should be kept dry and kept at a height above the ground while at work. If the material becomes wet and clumped together, they must be removed then wiped and put outside to encourage drying.

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